By Aryenish Birdie | July 10, 2018

Imagine a movement in which people of color from all backgrounds feel able and willing to join. Imagine the strength this brings. Imagine the power it would gain. Now imagine this is the farmed animal protection movement.

Because of you, Encompass has gained ground in bringing this vision to life. Encompass launched on August 1, 2017—less than one year ago—and the enthusiasm we’ve received, and the momentum we’ve created, has surpassed my wildest expectations.

Here are some highlights from our one-year report:

Securing financial support

  • Lewis Bollard recommended $50K for Encompass via the Effective Altruism Animal Welfare Fund. He recommended grants for groups he believes meet goal “to maximize the marginal impact of each dollar in reducing animal suffering.”

Our public work

  • We consulted with a documentary producer about racial representation in an upcoming advocacy film.

Building capacity

  • To help ensure our initial programs are effective, we held four confidential focus groups to gain insights and feedback from people of color (U.S.-based staff) who work at 11 of the large farmed animal protection organizations.
  • The chat sessions were attended by 15 advocates of color and 4 executive leaders of color. In total, 38 people out of approximately 330 people identify as people of color across all 11 organizations.

Based, in part on this data, this past spring we refined our strategy. We developed objectives and programs based on months of research, extensive conversations with experts on racial equity, Encompass advisors, and our focus groups.

Your support is allowing us to ensure that our movement is the biggest, strongest, and best movement possible for animals.

I’m eager to share what we’ve done and where we’re headed, read Encompass’ one-year report here.